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Located in Los Angeles, Set and Flow is a hybrid movement studio that is paving the way with its forward-thinking and modern approach to fitness, health, and wellness. 

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Due to its original and inventive fusion of traditional and modern practices, founder Seth Manheimer considers its programming as being in a category of its own. He describes the studio as an “All-tique” as it offers a variety of all boutique modalities in one destination.

The locally and nationally acclaimed studio has been featured in Vogue, on the Emmy Award-winning daytime show, The Talk, and has also drawn many celebrity fans such as Kristen Bell.  

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“Yoga is the way you treat the world.  It’s the way you treat yourself.  It’s the way you move, the way you breathe, the way you shut out the outside noise,” Manheimer  states.”Yoga is concentration and mediation. Yoga is nirvana, it is happiness, it is bliss.”

Set and Flow Yoga will be offering nearly 150 classes a week. If you’re running late, no worries, there is another class starting soon. You never have to miss a workout because you missed a class.

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With a blend of seemingly diverging classes that combine yoga, TRX, boxing, pilates, barre, battle ropes, circuit training, kettlebells, and high and low-intensity interval training, Set and Flow offers something for everybody. 

Photo Courtesy of JSPR

Set and Flow Yoga:

1619 N La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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