How to Dress Like a Trendy L.A. Girl

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Being the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles can be intimidating with its glamorously fashionable residents. But of course, that’s just scratching the surface. LA is an exciting city with so much more to offer besides the glam of Hollywood – and that includes its never-ending conveyor belt of trends.

Want to visit LA without looking like a tourist? Here are some tips to help you blend in.

It’s okay to be casual

The truth is that unless there’s a camera, a party or a concert, LA locals dress more casually than you think — as in, the “yoga-pants-and-sneakers” kind of casual. The only difference is that they can make it look luxurious, no matter what the brand is — whether it’s a pair of Nike shoes, Nordstrom leggings, or these denim jeans from Warp + Weft. So how do they do it? Often, they pair high-end pieces with casual garments. Think biker shorts topped with a blazer, or joggers with a gold chain necklace. Just don’t mistake high quality for a high price. After all, there are plenty of clothes out there with a hefty price tag but don’t deliver on quality — a true LA girl would know the difference!

Nights out are for dressing up

There’s nothing like the feeling of Friday nights when you’re ready to head out and let loose. But in LA, the atmosphere is like that almost every night. Whether you’re going to a gourmet restaurant, bar, or club, you want to look quirky without trying too hard. USA Today recommends donning a body-hugging dress with a trusty leather jacket (to keep the cool air out). But if tight dresses aren’t your thing, you can also rock a loose suit with heels.

Always accessorize

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement in LA — they’re a necessity. And so are brimmed hats (mostly due to the sun), bright scarves, and jewelry. That might sound like a lot, but if you visit LA, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Often, locals like to layer their bling to make a statement and elevate even the plainest outfits.

To dress normal is to dress loud

Whether you prefer going down the athleisure route or want to trade your plain denim jeans for black leather pants, LA is the place to be. But if you want to channel some sweet LA vintage vibes, these colorful crinkle dresses from Woman Within will help you do just that. With dainty floral prints, they provide a feminine flair that is sure to turn heads. Of course, many of the city’s locals embrace the latest fashion trends, so it’s normal to see someone in a convenience store wearing five-inch wedge sandals, or a girl in the supermarket wearing a pair of luxury Crocs. True to their “wear whatever you like” philosophy; the more you stand out – the more you’ll blend in.

LA is the perfect place to dress however you want, without being judged. Sure there will always be denim, flip-flops, and the like – but everyone wears them differently. No need to worry about standing out too much. In LA, fitting in is more about showing off your confidence than anything else.

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