TurboTax – Bringing 2020 to a Close

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The pressure of finishing your taxes by April 15th has been softened as the federal tax filing deadline has been extended to May 17th for individual returns. The extra time is helpful but instead of waiting, now is the time to take advantage of all that TurboTax has to offer.

2020 was not an unusual year, not just because of COVID-19, but people had so many life changes, job changes and just changes in general. Those changes are impactful enough as they are happening during the year, but then they can be even more impactful when it comes to tax time.

One of the most important things to determine when filing our taxes is what your situation. TurboTax will help you figure it, whether you are just a single person with nothing out of the norm or if you are an investor, a homeowner, self-employed, the list is fairly long and you want to get this part right to make sure you are headed down the right filing path. Once you get going, you have the option of doing the work yourself or having one of the Turbotax experts do all the work for you.

TurboTax will start you off by asking questions about you, your life and then your income. For the most part this is pretty straightforward, but once it gets tricky, TurboTax makes sure it is anything but tricky. For example if you are an investor and in 2020 that was something new for you, they make sure that it is easy to take of all of that information. Trading stocks for some while it was new, it also meant a lot of transactions. TurboTax will simply ask you what platform you used to trade and they upload all of your tax information and if you have more than one account, they will take care of all of them. This is not only a great time saving benefit, but they will make sure that what your are inputting into your taxes is accurate.

If 2020 was a complicated year or if you simply don’t want the hassle of doing your taxes yourself, TurboTax Live is the best route for you. They can walk you through what your year was like, what information you need and eventually they will review your taxes, which are backed by the TurboTax 100% accurate, expert approved guarantee. Another advantage of using TurboTax every year, that might not meaning anything to you at the moment, but later might, is the fact you can pull up previous years tax returns with a simple click. Just login to your account and you can always take a look at any year that you filed with TurboTax.

When it comes to tax documents, TurboTax has created easy ways to get and upload your work information and if you have a hard copy, the TurboTax app is perfect for you. You can just snap a picture with your phone and app will upload right into TurboTax and you are all done. The app makes doing your taxes extremely easy while still providing you with all of the resources that you might need to get your taxes done.

A lot of things about 2020 were unprecedented and at times a bit scary and trying to navigate your taxes after such a year can be a daunting task. If you have thought about using some type of tax service but never took that plunge in the past, this is the perfect year to try it. TurboTax has a package for everyone and the prices vary and you will find they are very affordable and for what they offer, the prices are actually an extremely great deal. Take the stress out of doing your taxes this year and make sure you get them done with 100% accuracy and the one place that does all of that and more is TurboTax.

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