Alice Through The Looking Glass – A Whimsy, Magical Return

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Lookingglass Alice returns for a circus-infused trip down the rabbit hole and deep into your heart. The audience journeys with Alice through birth and becoming, transition and transformation, and holding fast to the fantastic in the face of it all. 

After a seven year hiatus, the beloved story of a seven-year- old girl is back – painted in a fresh coat of magic for a new generation (audience and artist) to discover. Ensemble Member David Catlin, whose catalog of work (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Moby Dick, The Little Prince, and others) has sculpted the Lookingglass aesthetic, adapts and directs this 90-minute dream-dazzle that will leave you breathless and believing the impossible. After a period of accelerated change, Lookingglass Alice returns to ask through ages, “Who are you?”

The Lookingglass Theatre Company, located in downtown Chicago on the Magnificent Mile (821 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611), is always a theatrical feast for the senses. The theater has hosted Alice Through the Lookingglass since 1988, so I think it deserves the term of “flagship production,” or The Lookingglass Theater’s traditional theatrical production. 

The cast is incredible, including Adeoye (Cheshire Cat), Kareem Bandealy (Red Queen), Michel Rodriguez Cintra (White Rabbit), Samuel Taylor (Dodgson/White Knight), Lindsey Noel Whiting/Molly Hernández (Alice), with actors performing in multiple, impressive roles. 

This is a show that you do not want to miss. It combines acting, dancing, acrobatic feats, set design and special effects. You are promised a jaw-dropping and awe inspiring 90 minutes of pure entertainment, such as watching Alice fall “down the rabbit hole,” while doing balancing tricks with ropes and hanging rings in the air, an over ten foot giant Red Queen and much more. Not only do you get amazing acting and acrobatic skills, you see feats performed on unicycles, roller skates, ball balancing and stilts. 

Lookingglass Alice takes its audience on a whimsical journey that challenges the imagination, while experiencing clever and unexpected twists and turns all along the way. If you are up for a hilarious, zany and magical theater experience, than you know where to go for your next theater experience this summer!

Photos: Lookingglass Theatre

For more information on Lookingglass Alice, or to purchase tickets, please visit the Lookingglass Theatre website

Authorized vaccination upon entry. View Lookingglass Theatre’s current Health and Safety Guidelines.

Performances began April 30 and run through July 31.

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