COCO-MAT Santorini hotel review: Respect for nature!

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Who does not know by now COCO – MAT hotels, some of the most sustainable hotels in the world. This time I visited the one in Santorini, the most beautiful island in Cyclades. My main target was to discover the secrets of the island and at the same time, unwind at the caldera, surrounded by the volcanic beauty!

First thing that caught my attention when we arrived at the hotel, was the open space Reception area, right after a modern garden-type scenery. Airy and spacious, welcomed us to a tranquil setting. All rooms were different, with a slight island twist. Private quaint swimming pools, Jacuzzis, balconies with fluffy sun-beds and duplexes for families or friends. White was the main colour of the hotel, embellished with some earthy tones that blend in with the environment quite perfectly.

COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini is one of the few hotels in Greece to offer a bespoke service to its esteemed guests: Tailor-made Sleep.

Tailor-made Sleep is a personalised service, available upon request, thanks to which we could enjoy comfortable and relaxing sleep on beds, designed to be customised upon our needs for an ideal sleep.

All rooms were equipped with COCO-MAT’s natural sleep systems and bedding. Each product was a combination of multiple layers of natural materials. Harder layers, such as coconut fibre, horsehair or cactus fibre, provide bodyweight support, while the more elastic layers of natural rubber follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve.

Breakfast at COCO – MAT was a culinary adventure with authentic Santorinian and Greek flair, prepared with handpicked locally produced and selected ingredients from the Cyclades and the mainland. All kinds of pancakes, yummy marmalade, freshly squeezed organic juice and local pies were all we needed for a healthy breakfast.

We couldn’t not rent the iconic wooden bikes of the hotel. We just asked at the reception and pedalled away to exciting, eco-friendly explorations in the history and beauty of Santorini!

Towering above the shimmering Aegean Sea, COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini is a haven of contemporary comfort that fuses lavish comfort with an eco-friendly, sustainable living concept that invites you to a holiday experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You need to visit …

Photos: Courtesy of the hotel

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