Smooth – Taking the Music Industry By Storm

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Smooth is an artist of unbelievable talent. He has a flow that rides a beat to perfection and delivers a vigorous punch with lyrics that speak of not only his life’s journey but are relatable across generations. While he has always had an appreciation for all genres of music, his style of music is guided by the foundations laid down by the fathers of old-school Hip Hop. 

From the release of his first self-titled CD “Smooth Da Thugg”, to collaborative works with other local artists and well attended performances throughout the Midwest, Smooth experienced glimpses of success along the way that fueled his passion and desire to pursue a music career. As a household name in Milwaukee, Chicago and the surrounding areas, he understood early on that it would take skilled management and other creative endeavors to push him to his desired level of success, resulting in his involvement in many initiatives. 

In 2019, he shifted some of his attention towards entrepreneurship when he partnered to open one of the largest collaborative storefronts for local creatives and small business owners in Wisconsin. As Co-Owner of Wisconsin Curated Creations, a retail store in the most prominent mall in the area, he would help to provide a platform and retail space that would afford over 100 small businesses the opportunity to promote and grow their brands. With one of his retail spaces spanning 8400+ sq feet, Smooth also hosted several free community events including a Local Artist Expo & Fashion Show, a catered community dinner for The Macanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary and a Job Fair. His store became a regular donation center for food, clothing and hygiene products to be distributed to centers and anyone in need. Many times, customer would visit the store and leave with bags of clothing, food for their family and a prayer to lift their spirits. He operates under the belief that we all have role to play and our communities are stronger when we work together. 

In 2021, he merged his love for music, entrepreneurship and community and launched the, “Wear Fashion Meets Music Tour”. On June 19, 2021 Smooth and his team kicked the tour off with an electrifying concert that was headlined by the iconic R&B group “SWV”, for which Smooth himself was the opening performer. The concert was hosted by the hilarious and captivating comedian “Kelly Kellz” and also featured a fashion show by local designers and choreographers. The tour kickoff, along with his most recent single and video release, garnered the attention of iHeart Radio and several local news stations and media outlets, increasing his market presence. Within 2 month of its release, his single was viewed in excess of 350,000 streams on one platform alone. 

While Smooth plans to remain involved in various business endeavors, his end game remains to grow his music career and he continues to build his influence along the journey. 

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