April 18, 2024

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Neon Carnival Ups the Ante for its 13th Year

Neon Carnival, the legendary late-night dance party of the year made its triumphant return to the Desert International Horse Park celebrating its thirteenth year.  Created by LA’s original nightlife mastermind Brent Bolthouse and producing partner Jeffrey Best, this year’s 13th exclusive celebration came [...]

Returning the Flavor

Charitable Causes
Chef Jack Lee brings joy – and American cooking – to the lost children of Vietnam. Known in Hollywood for his culinary expertise and within Vietnam as the host and judge of numerous top cooking [...]
Restaurant Reviews

Heroes Always Welcome Here

Story and photos by Bob Nesoff It wasn’t that many years ago that members of the military returning from combat, or any other assignment for that matter, were cussed, spat upon and denigrated because they [...]

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